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Samiscreed is a hot applied flexible repair for asphalt pavement defects. It is a highly modified asphalt binder that is premixed with small aggregate. This aggregate provides more structural integrity than traditional crack sealers. Because of it's flexibility it will be less likely to crack under stress like HMA repairs and cold mixes.

Samiscreed is a one-part-screed-applied system, suitable for all types of bituminous surface course. Its skid resistance is designed to equal or exceed the surrounding surface.

System Benefits:

Providing exceptional resistance to wear combined with inherent flexibility:

  • Application throughout the year
  • Rapid curing - Traffic within 30 minutes
  • Cost effective
  • Less preparation and smaller installation crews
  • High friction grades available
  • Will extend the service life of asphalt
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Effective sealing properties
  • Flexible, enduring, skid resistant finish



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